Game Informations

It’s Halloween night and Mary is about to head off in search of CANDY!
But, before she does, an old book in the corner of the room catches her eyes.
She opens it without a care in the world and from within the book,
a sealed demon appears and possess her…
To have the demon leave her body, Mary must fulfill one of two conditions:
1. Receiving male cum inside her body or being bathed in it from the outside.
2. If the above cannot be done then… to collect 1000 CANDIES!
However, being ignorant regarding sexual matters, Mary has no idea what the
demon is going on about. Also she knows is that, she must gather at least
1000 candies or ‘CUM’! In order to expel the demon from her body,
Mary heads off on her Cummy Candy Collecting journey on all hallows eve!
And awaiting her in town, are those that would take advantage of her ignorance…​