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With the cherry blossoms of spring in full bloom, how is everybody spending these vivid and colorful days? On this occasion, I wish to declare to everybody the formation of the “Second Science Club”. During today’s morning assembly, I had heard that Hanabatake Academy’s esteemed science club would be established once more, and certainly, without fail, I felt I would be chosen as advisor without anyone raising an objection. But in reality? Despite being a genius inventor, I was slight for the position by a quack who joked about things like dripping unknown liquids on potatoes. 「Look, it’s turning purple now~」 And this was declared without any error?… No, it was certainly an error!! Haa… haa… It appears that I was a bit too forceful with that writing brush. Please excuse my sudden loss of composure. Well, given the circumstances, I would like to establish the Secret Society of Evil, the “Second Science Club”. Alongside my super, ultra-hyper, idiotic subordinate, or rather my subordinate, Haruhara Fuuka, and my super ultra-awesome inventions, I request your support in seeking revenge against this academy. With that said, I wish everyone a wonderful school life…​