Game Informations

The game differs from the usual visual novels by the presence of the time system, inventory, as well as the ability of the player to switch between available locations. Also, the player will have his own shelter, which is to be developed. There the player will be able to interact with girls, sleep and a few more interactions that will be developed in the future. Our team is full of ideas, so there are a lot of plans for the development of the project.

The player will act as Adam, a messenger from heaven, who must stop lawlessness in a small town. The main ability of Adam is the transfer in time, but what to do it, he does not need to use any watches or read spells, and die. As you progress, the player will have to interact with characters who are not always friendly to Adam. Each character has his own unique character and each of them must be approached in a different way. Whether Adam can stop the unpunished crimes going on in the city, or whether he will become one of those who commit them is up to you to decide.