Game Informations

Now then, one year has passed since the events of Ninisanni Scenario 1, and MC-kun is depressed… again. But this time it’s for totally non-trivial reasons! Despite securing a harem of nine lovely ladies, he has some (cowardly) latent guilt stemming from the fact that his “harem” is just him sleeping with nine girls simultaneously without them knowing about each other.
But that’s peanuts compared to the big bad news… Pomu is gone! And we don’t know where she went! She didn’t even send a postcard! And you know she’s the type to send postcards!!
But despite all the spooky mystery and intrigue, really, most of the time spent is just the troublesome goofs hanging out and causing mischief. What better way to spend a summer?
Features sixteen Nijisanji EN girls, including Pomu Rainpuff, Finana Ryugu, Elira Pendora, Selen Tatsuki, Rosemi Lovelock, Petra Gurin, Nina Kosaka, Millie Parfait, Reimu Endou, Enna Alouette, Kotoka Torahime, Zaion Lanza, Meloco Kyoran, Aia Amare, Maria Marionette, and Scarle Yonaguni. Wew, that’s a lot of girls! Which one will capture your heart?​