Game Informations

There was an urban legend called “nightmare,”
a phenomenon in which girls who should be healthy do not wake up while sleeping.
The truth of the cause is that the monster called a nightmare eats the girls’ “despair”, so the girls’ spirits are captured.
There is a shrine maiden named Rui who has been reincarnated to fight nightmares for a long time.
However, the power of the nightmare that became stronger after eating this large amount
of despair cannot be countered by the current Rui, so she
came into contact with Sana Kuroki, a girl who survived the nightmare on her own.
In the world of nightmares, the “despair” of girls who feed on nightmares is full, but there are
also “fragments of light” that embody the unyielding will of girls who cannot eat nightmares.
Fragments of light are the source of Rui’s power and the means to defeat nightmares.
Sana, who fought with Rui, started activities with the aim of saving the girls,
who were attacked by nightmares while collecting pieces of light …​