Game Informations

Love Love! My Buddy (RJ149926) has received a face lift! Introducing Love Love! My Buddy X, the same great world of LLMB has been upgraded and packed with lots of new content! With 5 years in the making this new game has added new heroines to marry, new costumes to equip to your heroines, new enemies to defeat, new zones, more quests to complete, and plenty of new H-scenes! LLMB:X offers the same in depth and continually expansive open-ended fantasy RPG from LLMB lead by your nameable male protagonist.How you live is your choice!You have succeeded your father, an adventurer, in his death. Will you rescue your mother from the oppression of the town leader? Will you go on a rampage causing villainy and cruelty? Or maybe you’ll find someone and fall in love. Choose your path and marriage partner among 13 women! You truly can’t describe the vastness of the game without experiencing it, so go on and try it!Loads of erotic events and characters await in Megrim’s reboot to the famous multi-ending erotic R