Game Informations

One day, you end up entering the world of your favorite game…as a tentacle monster!?
That can only mean one thing…it’s time to capture your beloved heroines,
and violate them to level up!

Fill every hole with your slimy tendrills!

Use the mouse to touch, sexually train and rape the captured heroines.

The only thing that washes away the daily stress of your factory job is that of MMORPGs.
Taking control of that carefully-sculpted and ideal girl fills you with life.
While playing the game…you fall asleep, and suddenly awaken in the starter dungeon!
And you’re a tentacle monster!
Then, that ideal girl you spent hours customizing appears before you!
It’s time to put your newfound tentacle powers to the test!
You’re a tentacle monster, after all; it’d be rude NOT to violate her.

[H Scenes]

H scenes are fluidly animated to bring you the best in tentacle play.
From cruel, painful assault, to kind pleasuring, the choice is yours.
Genres including choking, fondling, cunnilingus, anal, fellatio, creampie, nipple assault etc.