Game Informations

Honey Select is the ultimate character creator. With thousands of customization options available there are an infinite number of unique characters that you can create. Choose from several different fully voiced personality types and traits to further personalize your character. Your character’s emotions are dynamic and change throughout the game based on your experiences and the decisions you make. When you’re ready, take your character somewhere nice and enjoy a sophisticated intimate experience.

Official Vs Fan Version

The Official Version Is:

  • Uncensored By Default.
  • Includes Exclusive FAKKU Content (Clothing Options).
  • 1 Of The 2 DLC Isn’t Out.
  • Officially Localized By “Professionals”.
  • Some Mods May Not Work.
The Fan Version Is:

  • Censored By Default (Mods Will Decensor).
  • Includes All DLC.
  • Localized By Fans.

Besides this, they’re the same.


This is mainly written for the Fan Version but you can use the mods for the Official Version.

I’m not including any mods in this pack besides core ones such has translation, uncensored genitalia… I included a optional mod for 4K textures which comes with instructions.

You can get mods from the following sources (and more):