Game Informations

H.I.G.A. is a sim brothel game where you, the player, is the new Headmaster recently appointed to run the academy. The academy’s board and the PTA’s members choose you over your astonishing resume and recommendations without being aware of your rabid gambling addiction and the huge debt you’ve acquired that needs to be paid off.

H.I.G.A. story takes place in 2390 where Humanity has succeeded in changing their society to adapt to climate change and is now a prosperous galactic federation.

H.I.G.A. is located on the Aurora station and is well located near the center of the galaxy, close to the main FTL vectors, enabling the easy transportation of students and supplies even from the farthest alien sectors. Being this well located you could create a brand new flourishing type of business…who knows?

Will you be able to pay off your debts and respect the deadlines loan sharks impose on you? Or will you get caught with your trousers down, get fired, or worse, annihilating all hope of salvation? The fate of the new principal is in your hands.