Game Informations

Forest of the Blue Skin or FOBS is an action platforming hentai game currently in development by a guy named Zell23
While the story at the center of the village, to capture the monster and bring to the village.” Such as making it to flow.

Version Difference:

Because of size limitations of the engine the game is made on, the game is made with different version types, the newest type has the newest content (but you have to play the prior version type for abilities, etc.).
You could interpret the version type like episodes or something similar.

The characters you catch won’t transfer onto the newer version, just the abilities. There is the exception that the release of version B didn’t have that much content yet so he added only some of the prior version’s characters there.


Default Keyboard Controls:
*These controls can be changed by clicking “Settings” and then “Keyboard Settings” on the top of the window. This is only visable if you are not in fullscreen mode*

Right/Left Arrow: Movement, Struggle out of grabs.
Up Arrow: Enter Door/Portal/Pathway, Use Save-point, Stand up if lying down.
Down Arrow: Capture stunned monster, Initiate sexy time with captured monster at your house.
A: Attack.
X: Jump.
W: Set your health to 1 and your semen meter to 95%. This also makes you instantly ejaculate if you are currently being grappled by a monster.
Space: Open the collectibles menu. This is also the only way to pause the game.
F4: Toggle Full screen.
Esc: Quit the game. (instantly)