Game Informations

When the renameable MC first arrived in Lux City, things finally seemed to be looking up for him. He escaped an abusive home environment by deciding to study abroad. He came over as an exchange student and stayed as an au pair for his sponsor family. His experiences were nothing more than a typical slice of life, a life that seemed to be improving with each passing day. But then, circumstances changed. We join the MC on his 18th birthday, when his entry into adulthood opens up many new paths before him. But these paths are fraught with temptation, intrigue, and danger. And each path will lead the MC to a different fate!

Temptation comes in the form of breaking taboos that threaten to shatter the bonds he’s formed with his sponsor family and friends. Intrigue comes in the form of learning his place in a growing conspiracy by powerful forces to realize an ancient prophesy that could spell doom for the entire world. Danger comes in the form of criminal, technological, and even magical threats to him as these powerful forces seek to use him, if they can, and destroy him, if they can’t. What will be the ultimate fate of our MC?