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Housewife Simulator

lay a newlywed housewife in a curvy story about growing love, expanding waistlines, corporate bio-science, and taking experimental treatments irresponsibly to enhance women in all the right ways! Housewife Simulator is a highly adult game / VN with a BBW / weight gain / lactation focus. Don’t play it if you’re not also into such interests.​


PARALYTIC is a unique interactive visual novel game that allows you to control and navigate the story according to your liking. Every choice you make leads to a different outcome as the story is crafted to create an immersive plotline.

Hokkaido Fox

The gates of heaven are locked and so are the depths of hell. You deserve neither but still you cruise in search for an answer. Only a shrine in Japan gives a clue what might have happened.​

Reckless Love

One day, when you was thinking on how shitty is your life, you decided to go out, and lucky or unlucky, you meet rei, a desperate girl that was sleeping in the streets. You decided to help her, and well… then started your reckless life with her! Help her while you try to survive to your poverty life! Work, sleep, eat, cry and…. love! Maybe this girl can make your life less shitty… or maybe make it more shitty, who knows?​


The game is a parody of the Harry Potter universe, where you take on the role of Professor Snape and helps students learn the magical and depraved properties of pink potion.


Lucid is a game about dreams and how celestial beings called Lunes interact with them. Lunes look exactly like humans, but they interact with dreams in a very curious manner. They could foresee the future and even change their fate through their dreams.Aside from their special abilities involving dreams, Lunes are also naturally gifted mentally and physically.People in the old days feared them, so they decided to keep their race a secret. Our story is about a young orphan Lune who is just, trying to survive everyday life but will soon discover that life is not as simple for a Lune like him, especially since he doesn’t fully know his race or himself. He may already be a Lune, and that alone makes him unique, but he is actually more special than the other Lunes. Let’s just say he has a very big advantage in finding a suitable partner in life.​

Dreadlord Ascension

In this game, you play as Cervius, an incubus aiming to attain the title of Dreadlord, one of the most prestigious title a demon can attain. To do so, he will need to recruit servants, gather up allies and build up his castle and domain.​


Warning: This game will include themes that some might find distressing, such as the topic of suicide, self harm, sexual assault, violent imagery, depression and other mental illnesses. If you find these topics stressful or triggering please take that into consideration before playing. Thank you!

After leaving behind his former life in 1920’s New Orleans, a jaded possum named Grey finds himself thrown into an unending nightmare by the enigmatic bartender, Virgil. Lost in a churning sea of souls, Grey comes across a group of men somehow connected to his former home, a plantation replete with it’s own dark history. Just as quickly as they find each other they’re suddenly taken away, leaving Grey only one option:
Dig a little deeper.​

The Reincarnated Lady’s Roguelike Life; Looting and Raiding the Princess of Monsters

One day, a young lady with one of Japan’s greatest fortunes dies after losing her temper with an aggressor she encountered during a ranked gaming match, and is reborn in a fantasy other world. She arrives in “Mura Village,” a rural area that has friendly relations with the demon tribe, and uses a number of cheat techniques that she was able to use as a result of her reincarnation into another world to beat them up. Unsatisfied with her medieval level of civilization, the young lady hears that the Demon King, who resides in a nearby dungeon, is hoarding the treasures he has acquired through trade with humans and decides to strike at him.​

A Ross Story: James

“A Ross Story: James” is a visual novel game. It’s about James Ross, a well-known young man who moves to an island with his family. Their life takes a turn as they adjust to the new environment. As a player, you’ll follow James’ life and witness the unexpected events that happen. The game invites you to explore and discover every corner of this new world. Enjoy the journey!​

Lust Survivor

Seven girls crashland on an uninhabited planet after an accident, they will have to survive until help arrives and learn how to deal with each other. Hours ago the girls were just students from different careers on route to a far away research site for different reasons. Some girls know each other but nobody was remotely prepared for the situation. The group needs to start getting along and doing something if they want to get rescued or at least survive.

In Lust Survivor the player takes control of the 7 girls and makes decisions for them. There is one issue: not all of them have the willpower to make the correct choices! Lust Survivor has a willpower system where taking the choices the girl would normally take rewards you with “willpower points” and going against their nature costs willpower. That means, even if the correct choice is very easy to spot, you might want to pick the bad one to conserve willpower.

Cartel Simulator

Step into the shoes of a young man in a fictional 1980s Latin America.
Embrace your destiny as you assume control of your family’s cartel,
navigating a world fraught with drugs, violence, and bloodshed.
Your mission is to rebuild your family’s tarnished name and uphold the legacy,
facing both challenges and opportunities along the way.​

Magixxx Conquest

Finally freed from your prison of 20 years, you set out to regain your stolen powers, conquer the Magixxx Dimension…and corrupt anyone who stands in your way! Interact with your favorite fairies and the witches you love to hate as you battle your way through a familiar story with a new, dark and sexy twist. Each update adds new characters, minigame levels, pinups, and animated scenes!​

Unyielding 2

A tactical card game and visual novel in which heroes go on an adventure. Sex ensues
Sequel of the game

This is NOT a Genderbender game and The backstory is a composite of several of the endings of UY1.


the protagonist is invited by his stepmother to a sailing trip on the high seas. Accepting the invitation, he accompanies his stepmother on this trip. However, on the high seas, the stepmother’s boat is hit by a dimensional portal, which transports everyone to another dimension. Now, our protagonist must survive in this new world. Luckily, the natives are friendly and willing to help the protagonist.​

Society Destroyed

Society destroyed is the adventure of Matt a young soldier who returned home after a tragical succes in his life.
In society destroyed you take the decision in Matt, every descion may affect the future of the game.​

LockDown Dom

You’re Ian, you live with your mom and constantly get harassed by your sisters. When the state goes into lockdown again, it seems like it’s going to be a long month… Then the news hits. The state has also legalized Incest. Now the atmosphere is completely different, and so will your family’s relationship.Will you take the chance to be a dominator? Or perhaps embrace a place at the bottom?​

Royal Switch

Two people, born the same day, but in very different circumstances.
One is a Princess, born to rule.
The other is a peasant, born to live in obscurity.
They live very different lives, until one day the fates collide, and they meet, only to discover that they are identical in (almost) every way!
What would happen if they switched places?​

Smurfing the Smurfettes

RenPy erotic adventure game based on the Smurf’s cartoon show (mostly the 80s version,
but with the Smurfette characters from the most recent iterations).The player assumes the role of an adult Scruple (Gargamel’s apprentice).
Due to an accident, he turns into dwarf size and ends up in a village only populated by Smurfettes.
What starts as an unfortunate situation can become his great opportunity to capture the Smurfettes…
But his priorities may change along the way…​

Relicts of Aeson

The village Pyrewood is haunted by a mysterious plague that turns the villagers into slaves of their own desires. The church and the mage guild already noticed this strange phenomenon. They sent their agents to investigate the case. But the ruler of the land plots his own intrigues and is not interested in cooperation…
Ariana, a young master thief, got between the fronts of this conflict. She has to join one of these parties to save her girlfriend…
…and maybe the whole realm.