Game Informations

The Queen of Phalli is a Choose Your Own Adventure / Branching Novel that I wanted to write for a while.
It takes place in an alternative version of the Forgotten Realms where the dark elves have evolved into a civilisation composed solely of women. On top (pun not inteded) of this society are the priestesses of the Queen of Phalli, blessed with the genitalia of both sexes. In order to become a priestess a dark elf must walk the Path of Perpetual Pleasure and master the Tantric Technique of the Thousand Throbbing Tendrils. Our Heroine, Elifael El’Naar of House El’Naar, is one such aspiring priestess. To achieve this ambitious goal she will have to face many dangers, endure the whims of her sisters and matron, earn the favour of the Goddess. The Path ahead of her is fraught with cocks.