Game Informations

Download: MEGA – Game + Addons & Updates. Full Games (already installed. Just click your version of the game – 64 BIT or 32 BIT. Didn’t test it yet however, I’ll do it tomorrow if I can. Password for the extraction is: adugames). Thanks to @geno4952

.torrent attached. You can choose what you want to download: the first one provide the complete game already patched, with DLC and everything but requires installation. Also contains the file for the uncensored version, but it’s compatible with the 1.0. Don’t install that. Instead, download the 1.1 that is here.
The second one provide the game and doesn’t requires installation at all (but it’s without English patch, Uncensored patch and such, it’s only updated with the latest version. Vanilla, more or less). Just download, extract and then play.