Game Informations

The game takes place during summer vacation. The main character, Hiroyuki Nishimura gets a letter from a friend in the village he spent his childhood in. He moved away to the city 5 years ago. His grandparents currently live there, so he decides to return there.

At the bus stop in the village, he is greeted by a tiger named Torahiko, who was one of his childhood friends. They are excited to see each other again. Torahiko tells Hiroyuki that later there will be a welcome back party for him at a restaurant. He then directs Hiroyuki to his grandparents’ house and tells him where the restaurant where the party will be at is.

Later, he goes to the restaurant where the party is. He’s greeted by all his other childhood friends: Tatsuki the dragon, Kounosuke the Tanuki, Kouya the husky, Juuichi the bear, Shin the cat, Shun the wolf, and Kyouji the dog. Kyouji introduces Hiroyuki to Soutarou, a lion that moved to the village 3 years ago. Then the food is served, and the player must choose who Hiroyuki will sit with. (8 options available, even though there are 9 characters, the reason is one of the options is sitting with Kyouji and Soutarou.) After eating, the group unanimously shouts “Welcome home Hiroyuki!”​