Game Informations

An exploration RPG consisting of fetish fetish collection! series + newly drawn characters
There are 50 characters characters scheduled to appear
100 cardsThe contents of the game include quests, quizzes, puzzles, battles, fetish play, sex events, etc.
If you clear the game, you can get a collection card!! Collect all 100 cards and aim to clear the game!The contents are quite fetish!!
Whip whip, huge breasts, muscle, pubic hair, armpit hair, armpit odor, stuffy sole smell
Pissing, defecation, footjob,, outdoor exposure, orgy, facial cumshots, cunnilingus, open sex, vaginal cum shot, etc.
It has become a super fetish content.In addition, some characters have been redrawed and re-edited to increase their degree of whiplash and fetishism!!​