Game Informations

You play as Sirus, a graphic designer who lives in a really secluded and isolated life,
not satisfied with his life as he feels as he has nothing to look forward to.
until one day your boss called you and forces you to live with the new staff member joining the company.

The game is in a very rough state atm cause its my first,
please leave a feedback and suggestions to help me improve the game.

NO NTR / SCAT / Extreme Fetishes will beimplemented.

There won’t be any sex scene till build 2-4, most likely 3.If you want to just skip to the sex scenes, join the discord server and grab NSFW role : (Archived Sex scenes, you will be able to see them, but they wont be implemented in the game)
I am really sorry if there are typoes and wrong person saying texts. please do tell me where the problem is and ill fix it when next build comes.