Game Informations

From the maker of Magic Femdom, Ai Shield is a fantasy rpg focused on femdom. You play as a hero whose gender is up to you. You spent years training to one day defeat The Demon who took over the kingdom you live in(You can choose why your hero pursues this goal: for good, power, or fame), but when the day finally comes, things don’t go as planned. You’re nearly killed by The Demon, failing your years long quest, but you get a second chance. Through unknown forces, you’re able to find the shield of legend that is said to be able to block the most powerful of blows which could very well be enough to shift the tide in your favor and finally kill The Demon. The only problem is that shield is actually a haughty and less than cooperative princess from an era long past. Can you tame her into a helpful ally or will she be the one taming you?